• For custom surveillance system recommendations, our technical teams perform a complementary assessment of your security needs.
  • Comprehensive project assessment, planning, and solution recommendation
  • Performed by our team of experts in physical security, IP video/CCTV, and wireless networking
  • Additional assessment & planning for complex, multi-location projects
  • Recommended best practices for your industry and particular application
  • Our free Site Security Audits allow our team to walk through your location to assess your security needs.
  • Comprehensive review of your current security systems and equipment
  • Discussion of security concerns and goals for your project
  • For organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises to residences
  • For complex video surveillance systems, our system integration services will help you save time on installation and configuration of your new system.
  • Configuration of NVR/VMS software & IP cameras to interface with other security or IT systems
  • We work with IT, Security, Facilities, and other departments to understand project scope and plan installation
  • For wireless HD IP surveillance systems, our IP video experts will evaluate your needs to design a custom wireless network.
  • Design of complete wired and wireless network for your camera system
  • We also design wireless networks for non-surveillance applications
  • Technical Support for assistance during and after installation
  • Assistance with system setup
  • Ducting / Piping design and installation


Fire Pro Products

Two-way Radio

Express Barangay Assistance

It is a technology specifically developed to assist Barangay leaders in protecting the safety, welfare and interest of the community.
  • It helps in increasing the efficiency of responding to various forms of emergencies.
  • It helps maintain peace and order.
  • It helps in the prevention of crime.
  • It provides a safe method for people who wish to report illegal activities anonymously.
  • It helps connect inter-governmental agencies to work hand-in-hand with the community.
  • It helps in the dissemination of information to the community through SMS notifications.
  • It helps in the economic welfare of the community.
  • It provides convenience to the community through EBA System Barangay services.
  • It provides window of opportunity and inspiration for people to volunteer and be part of the community solution.
  • It provides various report form that will help Barangay leaders in the formulation of programs.
  • It provides early warning before natural disasters.

EBA System helps in increasing the efficiency of responding to various forms of emergencies.


Our current system requires that those reporting an emergency such as; robbery, fire, medical, etc., must first state the nature of emergency, identify themselves, give their addresses and contact numbers. Afterwards, telephone operators will further assess the caller if they are not just prank calls by trying to get more information on the situation and/or verify the identity of the caller before dispatching any emergency response.

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And while this is all happening, the time being wasted from necessary verification process and the prolonged exposure of victims to danger is more than enough time to waste precious lives.


A one letter text, a blank message, or even a miss call from a registered cell phone or landline, EBA System will automatically show;

  • the identity of the member seeking emergency assistance
  • the nature of emergency if message is with at least a coded letter
  • address
  • contact numbers
  • marital status
  • image of the house/establishment
  • image of the member
  • map location that can be viewed from various map provider such as google map, openstreetmap, wikimapia, etc.
  • basic health information such as blood type and previous health conditions if it is a medical emergency
  • head count of adults and children if it is a robbery or fire emergency

By taking away the verification process from the equation, EBA System greatly increases the time of response and reduced the risk through the shortened exposure of victim to danger. Responding team will be equipped with relevant information prior to dispatch even when no question was asked.


Fire prevention is everybody’s concern.

EBA System provides the fastest way to report a fire emergency. Text “F” and all the information needed including the location on map, image of the establishment, etc., will be shown by the system and can be forwarded to nearest fire station.

Billions and billions worth of property and precious lives are wasted on delayed emergency response. One of the major obstacles being experienced by responding fire fighters is the traffic. At present, there is no effective method for fire trucks to travel smoothly from fire station to fire site other than turning the siren on hoping that other vehicles would give way or be guided by few traffic enforcers.

EBA System provides a method that will coordinate every Barangay that fire truck will pass through. Prior to dispatch, fire station can now inform the Barangays on the route fire trucks will pass. Routes are automatically displayed on maps so that Barangay enforcers and volunteers can help in traffic control crowd control and in clearing of routes/pathways.


EBA System provides a safe and discreet method of reporting an ongoing robbery. A miss call, blank message or by texting “R” is enough for the system to show relevant information including the image of location that can be used to station enforcers on the possible entry and exit point of robbers.


EBA System provides a life saving method for medical emergencies. Text “M” for medical assistance. The system will automatically show the location, image, blood type, health history and other relevant health information so that medical response team can prepare appropriate medical kits and equipments.

EBA System helps in the prevention of crime.

Prevention is better than cure.


In 2011, some 15,104 cases of domestic violence were recorded by the Women and Children Protection Center of the Philippine National Police. The 2011 figure is 5,619 cases more than the 2010 figure of 9,485 cases. For 2012, some 12,948 cases were recorded covering January to August. The NDHS revealed that one in five women aged 15-49 has experienced physical violence since age 15.

These are only the reported cases from women who took the courage to report because they become aware of their rights. How many are those women who are not aware of their rights and how many children are continuously suffering because they do not know how and where to seek help? We can only assume that the number would easily go to hundreds of thousand silent victims.

Domestic violence may have been the key ingredient in the brewing pot of boiling hatred that is being fed into children. Most of them will carry that anger till adulthood and unleash it to the society.

EBA System and the Barangay leaders can help prevent the repeated cycle of abuse brought by domestic violence by providing an easy and discreet method of reporting. Family member or even neighbors can report domestic violence by simply texting D. A mediator from crisis-centre of Barangay can be dispatched to prevent further harm, mediate and inform the concerned parties about Republic Act (RA) 9262.

EBA System helps in maintaining peace and order.


Who can better watch the community but the community itself? Text S for suspicious people.


“Everybody loves kung-fu fighting” huhaa! Text T for troubles.

EBA System provides a safe method for people who wish to report illegal activities anonymously.
Hear no Evil. See no Evil. Speak no Evil. Text “I” for Evil.


Illegal activities are commonly operated by powerful and freighting criminals. Putting families and lives in danger is one thing that anyone would want to do.

EBA System is designed not show the number and identity of the people that reports illegal activities. This will encourage people to report every illegal activity they chance upon without the risk of being identified. Every registered citizen in the community would be like secret spies for the Barangay.

EBA System helps connect inter-governmental agencies to work hand-in-hand with the community.

Information from reported illegal activities can be shared with various government agency such as local police, PNP, NBI, DSWD, DENR, DILG, etc., so that appropriate and coordinated action or investigation can be formulated from the information being shared.

Information from sensors such as water level sensor, earthquake sensors, etc., can also be shared with government agencies such as PAGASA, PHILVOCS, NDRRMC,etc., so that national government can better formulate programs that will be beneficial to community.

Other information such as health statuses, head counts, etc., can also be shared with DOH, NSO etc.

EBA System helps in the dissemination of information to the community through SMS notifications.

Information such as medical missions, suspension of classes, weather report, traffic report and a lot more can be relayed to the entire community through SMS notification.

EBA System helps on the economic welfare of the community.

Companies located within the Barangay can make a request to announce job opening. Individuals, who are in need of services such as plumber, carpenter, electricians, etc., may also request for the announcement. The system will automatically search the database for the skill or profession required then sends the job opening notification.

EBA System provides convenience to the community through services.

Residence certificates, Barangay clearances or even Barangay permit can now be requested to be delivered by just texting RC, BC or BP.

EBA System provides window of opportunity and inspiration for people to volunteer and be part of the community solution.

The spirit of Barangayan lives on!

Volunteerism benefits both the Barangay and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity.

EBA System has opened a new door in achieving peace and order, prosperity and protection of well being of the community by purposefully creating opportunities for participation of volunteers, thereby giving chance for the “spirit of helping” to revive from being dormant due to lack of opportunity.

Any registered member has the option to volunteer their service. Their mobile number will be alerted on emergencies that are relevant with their choice.

EBA System provides early warning before natural disasters.

EBA System can be used to read sensor from great distance. Sensors such as water level sensor and earthquake sensors can be read every second or if there are any significant changes in reading and can be viewed in the system.

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R a d a r 3.0

Trailer Dimension: L 16’ x W 6’8” trailer
40 Sq. meter Covered Area
Command Center Tent maximum capacity 18 person
1st Tent elevated bed room and command center
2nd Tent kitchen and pantry corner
3rd Tent mission corner and mission room or vice versa
Separate shower room and portable toilet
Annex walls, with extra-large mesh screens, roll down window covers, poles, pegs and guy ropes all in heavy duty materials
Round axle with hubs and heavy duty bearings
Swing out rear tail gate
Dust and waterproof PVC travel cover
Rear stabilizer legs with winder
10,000 Lbs. capacity tandem wheels with spare tires.
Swing jack swivel
150 Liter water tank with pump and plumbing system
Electromagnetic Brake System
Portable fire extinguisher
AC and DC power inlet mounted
Portable twin stove, gas and wash basin
Utility boxes for 80 Liter fuel tanks
Boat and outboard motor with rack
Features Technology
220V Generator set power inlet mounted
220V Backup inverter power system
12V Total of 800Ah battery bank power supply with terminals
5V charging station ( Console Box and Control Panel Box )
Hybrid solar power and wind generator system
23Ft Pneumatic telescopic mast for VHF-UHF two radio antenna
800 Watt Robotic tilt remote control HID spot light
PTZ camera and perimeter camera system with console
Public address and siren system
18Ft Pneumatic tower for portable weather station with console
Quad copter drone remote control camera with extender
Command center console box
Power control panel cabinet, 6Pcs. LED strip light
Upgraded Command Center Control Panel Box.
Upgraded Pneumatic Tower mast system.
Upgraded Reinforce 8-12 Person Rubber Boat anti puncture features and Outboard Motor (OBM) 30HP

New Features: Quadcopter Drone with HD still and video camera [2KM range]
Upgraded pneumatic secondary tower mast with locking system
LED water tank indicator
Automatic water pump
Federal light bars
2Pcs mountain bikes with bike rack

Multiple functions or uses:
  • Rapid Deployment Incident Command Post
  • Rapid Deployment Rescue Trailer Tent Headquarters
  • Rapid Deployment Trailer Tent Post Disaster Facilities
  • Self-Contained Rescue Trailer Tent Headquarters
  • Aftermath Rapid Deployment Rescue Trailer Tent
  • Survival Trailer Tent Self Contained Deployment Facilities
  • Temporary Field Office Trailer Tent
  • Deployable Event Headquarter Trailer Tent


RADAR with USEC ALEXANDER P. PAMA, Administrator, Office of Civil Defense & Executive Director, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and Director Susan Cruz, Johny Gaw Yu of Manila DRRMO.

Skaret View
Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno Inside RADAR Command Center
Skaret View Manila DRRMO and col. Embang Bureau of Fire and Protection Search and Rescue Unit with RADAR Command Center
Skaret View with Director Vicente F. Tomazar, Office of Civil Defense, Region IV-A
Skaret View RADAR with Mayor Strike Revilla of Bacoor Cavite
Skaret View RADAR utelized by DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman
Skaret View RADAR with COA Commisioner Jun Espino, Chairman Popoy Pagayon of Filipino Inventors Society, OIC Eulogio Castillo of Cooperative Devt. Authority.


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